22 November 2011

Davey's Eagle Court of Honor

The reason that we went to Arizona was because our nephew Davey earned his Eagle Scout award, and his Court of Honor was on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Blair, Brian, Hayden, and Les were asked to do the flag ceremony.

This is Davey receiving his Eagle.
Davie and Angie
Davey and Dave
Davey also awarded mentor pins to the boys and Grammy in Memory of Grandpa. It was very special.

Davey and Zak
Davey and Grammy
Davey, Les, Zak, Hayden, and Grammy
For Davey's Eagle project, he had a flag pole donated, with instruction to erect it at the church where his scout group meets. Instead, he got permission to put it at the church owned scout camp that they use because it didn't have a flag pole.
Taking the Eagle Oath
Davey and the boys. I love this shot. Davey is a true example to my boys of what a young man ought to be, and I wouldn't let my boys miss out on this example in their lives. It was well worth the drive.

My boys with Davey
Davey, Blair and Brian.
They are truly goofballs.
Blair and Hayden with Davey
See, I told you he was a great example!
And my boys taught them all the "irresistible man" pose that they learned up at scout camp over the summer!
We were told that the scout camp was fit on the border, and that the other side of the river was Mexico. So we had to do a "border crossing" Although we decided later that the border had to be another mile or so away. (I know, probably not very politically correct, but we had fun!)
THis is wha we thought was the Mexico side....
and this is in the dry river bed.

20 November 2011

Thanksgiving in Arizona

We spent Thanksgiving this year in Arizona. It was beautiful weather, and we enjoyed every minute with the cousins. The kids were determined to go swimming on thanksgiving, so they uncovered the pool....
and my Utah kids were in heaven!
But they didn't last too long, and were happy to swim in the hot tub instead.
The day after Thanksgiving, Dave and Davey took the boys out dove hunting. They shot so many birds that my boys were amazed (since we have no good places to hunt around here). They couldn't get enough of it, and were pretty disappointed when the sun went down and they had to head home.

My only regret from this trip is that we drove for 16 hours, and didn't have time for Brian to get together with any of his friends from back in the day that he lived in Arizona. But family is most important, and we had a wonderful visit with family, and a very quick trip.

09 November 2011

Hill Aerospace Museum

In November, the camera club that I belong to had a photo walk at the Hill Air Force Base Aerospace Museum. I never thought I could spend four hours at an airplane museum without being bored out of my mind, but the time passed so fast. I am pretty proud of two or three of there shots. Others are just OK, but I'm learning more every time.

This is my favorite shot of the day!
A prop from a Wright Brothers era plane
I don't even remember what this was.
I really liked the flags in the center of all these military planes, but I'm not in love with this shot.

I loved this scene. I'm not sure my shot did it justice, but it's ok.

I believe that this was a machine gun from a plane.

I really loved the edits on this photo.

Snow on the prop
and the fresh snow, mixed with a warm and sunny day was really pretty.
I loved the way this military emblem looked with the melting snow running over it along with the rivets.

05 November 2011

Grandpa & Grandma's Birthday Party

Back in November, we celebrated Brian's grandparents birthdays. I honestly don't know what birthdays they are, but it was a reason to get together anyway. The pictures are in no order, but all from the occasion.
Shelli & Steph
Grandpa showing Les & Hayden his gas mask from WWII
Les in Grandpa's gas mask
Grandma & Grandpa answered questions about their lives and things they did as kids.
Grammy (Brian's mom)